How We Do It


Design Assist

We make integrating offsite solutions easy and seamless. By working directly with our clients early in the construction process, before design passes the point of no return, we create a clearly-defined scope of work incorporating budget planning, schedule integration, and documentation. Then we streamline the entire process with design-assist services to help implement our offsite construction solutions at the right time, for the right projects, and for the right reasons.   


Engineering with Value

For us, value engineering isn’t a service. It’s a responsibility. We approach every project with the goal of engineering the entire project for the best value. This allows us to balance budgets with offsite construction, optimize skilled trades, and shorten project schedules – instead of sacrificing the fit and finish that occupants love and interact with every day.



The standard construction industry continues to waste time that it doesn’t have. At Vantis, we optimize tight timelines by creating a better project lifecycle.  We think It’s time to look at solving project budgets, schedules and designs differently. 

We start with utilizing lean principles and practices.  We optimize every skillset from design to field PM to eliminate inefficiencies.  Through specification and strategically planned procurement, decisions can be made earlier, and the entire process becomes streamlined and more efficient.

It’s time to change the industry.


Lean Principles in Practice

Waste is a problem in construction. Wasted resources. Wasted time. Wasted energy. Wasted effort receiving and collecting materials. And wasted money on materials and time not being used to build a better space for the people who occupy it.

At Vantis, we work hard to maximize value for our clients while minimizing waste. We do this by developing innovative solutions and methods to eliminate costly old construction habits.


DIRTT Partnership

DIRTT is a multi-trade, prefabricated interior method of construction using a technology platform called ICE to generate the project design intent, price the project and also manufacture the defined DIRTT scope of work.  ICE software is used for all DIRTT construction solutions whether it is wall framing assemblies and finishes, aluminum framing and glazing, millwork, doors & hardware or the integration of the electrical, IT, AV, low voltage, equipment or plumbing components and med gas devices.